Dr. Hoch uses a variety of professional, high-quality herbs, homeopathic remedies, and nutritional supplements to help her patients reset their hormones, decrease inflammation, improve joint motion, reduce pain, correct digestive issues, and encourage weight loss.  We currently have a number of great products available through  Fullscript, our online store.   Fullscript is where you can get high-quality, physician-recommended brands of natural products.  

How to create an account and navigate within Fullscript.


Fullscript  Is My On-Line Dispensary


Many times, after I consult with a patient and review their labs, I find that I need a much more customized nutritional support regimen, and may need a specific product from a specific company.   I always keep in mind how to get my patients the best results regardless of the manufacturer or vendor.  You can imagine how difficult it would be to keep such a variety of products in stock in my office, but Fullscript makes obtaining the best products from the best vendors easy for both me and my patients.

On my end, I can log onto Fullscript and select products from many different companies and add these to my patient’s recommendations along with written detailed instructions, that are all stored in one place.  Patients then will receive an e-mail stating that I have recommendations for them.  They can follow the instructions in the email to create or log in to their profile,  order the recommended products, and print out their instructions. With one click, patients can then order their supplements and they will be delivered to their home.   If a patient loses their written instructions, it’s no problem, because they will be here, saved in their recommendations.  All they need to do is log in and take a look.

Even if I haven’t made any specific recommendations, you are welcome to create a free account on Fullscript and shop the thousands of Physician recommended nutritional supplements, herbs, enzymes, and natural products.  You can be assured that your products are stored in a temperature-controlled warehouse and you will never receive an expired product.

For additional help on how to create an account and navigate within Fullscript, click HERE.

Standard Process Products

standard process

  • You can order Standard Process Products directly through our Patient Direct Portal.
  • Then click register as a patient.
  • Enter Dr. Hoch’s Health Care Professional’s Patient Direct Code: CZENU5
  • Complete your patient registration.  Once completed, Dr. Hoch will need to approve your access to order.
  • Once she has approved your access, you will receive an e-mail and be allowed to order your recommended supplements.
  • Some Standard Process products are also available on Fullscript (see above).  Why not check there first?

The Stick!


Founded on solid scientific evidence in muscle physiology, the function of the stick is to extinguish trigger points and allow tight contracted muscles to relax and recover.  Stop in and get yours today!

Not available for purchase online, in-office only.

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