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We at Fort Myers Chiropractic Studio are proud to offer top-notch services to the Fort Myers, FL, residents. Get a chiropractic adjustment to help get pain relief and increase Mobility for a better quality of life. Whether you have a chronic condition, a developing condition, or lifestyle-related issues, we can help. Trust a “chiropractor near me” on our team to prioritize your health and well-being.


A Chiropractor in Fort Myers, FL

A highly trained chiropractor and technician team can provide each patient with personalized attention and chiropractic adjustments designed to provide immediate and long-term pain relief. Chiropractic care is designed to treat various conditions and pain resulting from muscular skeletal issues.

Whether you've been in a car accident or have an underlying developing condition, modern treatments can help you manage the symptoms and regain function. Let us work with you to determine your current and future needs regarding specialized treatment plans.

What to Expect

Whether you're new to chiropractic care or searching for a new provider that can offer you the customized services you might need to get results, we're ready to help. When you make an initial appointment, you can expect to undergo a limited physical exam of the affected area.

This process allows a chiropractor on our team to determine your issues and to identify any underlying problems that may not be readily apparent. Additionally, it'll help the chiropractor identify areas that need special attention. Issues with the muscular-skeletal system and injuries may not be causing easily identifiable symptoms or pain, but these issues must be addressed correctly to get the necessary results.

You'll also need to provide a medical history to our team so that we can make the best choices for your treatment plan. Once the initial physical and medical history assessment is completed, we can provide information about the proposed course of treatment.

After the initial consultation and exam are completed, your first chiropractic adjustment will be performed to provide immediate relief. We will schedule appointments for the next few months according to the severity of the issue and may adjust them throughout the treatment.

Get a Chiropractic Adjustment from a Chiropractor for Pain Relief

If you would like to learn more about the chiropractic care options we offer at Fort Myers Chiropractic Studio in Fort Myers, FL, contact us. Feel free to call us at (239) 243-8735 today to schedule an appointment with a “chiropractor near me” or to get further details about the services we provide at our location.

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