Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be Alright

One of my favorite songs was playing this morning when the first patients arrived at the office.  As Bob Marley sang, “Don’t worry about a thing, every little thing is gonna be alright…” Patricia Hand lays down on the table for Dr. Reed to adjust her.

Patricia (Pat) has been a patient of mine (Dr. Hoch) since 2008.  We met in Peotone, IL on a Friday morning to discuss her chronic neck pain and sinusitis issues.  Who knew then that I’d get to help her recover from a list of injuries, accidents, and complaints and get to know her entire family over the next 14 years?

Yet, here we are on this August morning in 2022 talking about our families, our future plans, and reminiscing about how we met and all the life changes we experienced together.

People move and change jobs every day.  But, for the small business owner and a medical practitioner, like me, it’s not such an easy thing to do.  There are a lot of specific criteria to meet.  Will the patients like the new doctor’s personality, adjustment style, and technique, bedside manner, clinical approach?  Will the new doctor be well versed in whole food-based nutrition and diet?  Will the new doctor be experienced in sports medicine and physiotherapies?  Since these techniques are a big part of the way I practice, it’s important to find the right match.  Did you know, that it takes 9-12 months on average to find the right Chiropractor to purchase and take over a practice?

Pat credits me with finding the perfect replacement (Dr. Anco) for my Illinois practice back in 2013.  She said that when Dr. Anco took over, it was different working with a male doctor, but that it took no time at all to get used to him.  She went on to tell me that, like me, he was very much her “therapist”, not only attending to her physical aches and pains, but he is also a good listener and helped her through more than just a flare-up of back pain.

In 2019, Pat and her husband bought a home in Punta Gorda, FL, and started the process of selling their home in Illinois.  That was when she walked through my office door here in Fort Myers, and back into my life!  Do you know how surreal it is to see a patient that you treated for years in one state show up at your office 1300 miles away? (What’s funny about that is it actually happens a lot to me!)

So, for the last two years, Pat would see me when she was in FL and Dr. Anco when she was in Illinois.  It’s an interesting perspective and assures me that my gut instincts are spot on.  Dr. Anco has been everything she needed in my absence.  And, I have heard nothing but kudos for him from other Illinois patients I have been in contact with.

Three days ago the announcement was sent out that I’m taking a step back and Dr. Reed is taking over the practice.  So, I asked Pat,  “What do you think of Dr. Reed?”  She said that she really likes him and that his approach and adjusting style is really very similar to mine.  She then said, “I know you would only leave me in the best of hands – you only pick winners!”.

This brings me full circle to today…Today is Dr. Reed’s first day as the owner and clinic director of Fort Myers Chiropractic Studio.  He is well versed in whole food diet and nutrition.  He utilizes sports medicine and physiotherapies to heal injuries quicker.  He’s easy to talk to and has a great bedside manner.  And, I think he’s doing a great job getting to know everyone and the particulars about their care.

I’m mentioning this interaction with Pat because she and her husband have now been through two practice sales with me: (1) in 2013 when I sold my practice and left Illinois to move to Florida, and (2) now in 2022, and she can tell you from firsthand experience that…” Every little thing is gonna be alright”.

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~Adding Life To Your Years,

Dr. Christine Hoch

P.S.  This is NOT my first day of retirement.  I’m staying on as the clinic’s Acupuncturist for at least the next year.  There are additionally a few patients whom I’ll continue to adjust.  So, I’m not going anywhere just yet, but I thank you for the good wishes and notes just the same.

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Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be Alright

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