Spinal Decompression: Giving patients hope!

Spinal Decompression Therapy — How It’s So Effective

Chronic back pain affects millions of Americans each year, causing discomfort and an inability to enjoy daily life to the fullest. In addition to physical pain, many people who experience back pain also notice various emotional side effects, such as anxiety, depression or general low mood. For many people, chronic back pain affects every aspect of their lives.

Back pain can cause a limited range of motion and greatly decrease a person’s mobility, interfering with their personal and professional responsibilities. Fortunately, as technology advances, there are many innovative spinal treatments available designed to improve pain and discomfort. Learn more about spinal decompression therapy and how it may help your spinal pain.

What Is Spinal Decompression Therapy?

Spinal decompression therapy is a nonsurgical spinal treatment using motorized traction therapy to safely and effectively elongate and stretch the spine. Nonsurgical spinal decompression can alleviate tension and pressure from the sensitive spinal disks and nerves, helping to relieve pain and discomfort.

The gentle decompression of the spine can improve circulation, blood flow and nutrient exchange to injured portions of the spine. There are several cycles of stretching and relaxing during a nonsurgical spinal decompression treatment. Each session can provide additional relief of tension and help decompress the spine.

Like other nonsurgical spinal treatments, decompression therapy is performed by a trained professional on a table. The patient will wear a harness around the lower back, controlled via a computer by your physician. This computer can gently stretch the spine, allowing fluid to enter the disks, which have been constricted because of spinal compression. The fluid helps promote healing within the spine and reduce pressure.

Many nonsurgical spinal decompression patients require multiple treatments for optimal results. While each patient’s treatment schedule will vary, the average patient may need to come in three times a week for four weeks, totaling 12 sessions. Many patients begin noticing small improvements in pain and discomfort within a few sessions.

How Spinal Decompression Works

This type of therapy uses the fundamental principle of spinal traction, which is traditionally provided by osteopaths and chiropractors. Spinal decompression aims to promote an optimal healing environment for damaged, unhealthy, or slipped disks. Spinal decompression can help achieve lower pressure in the disk, resulting in additional nutrients being able to reach the disk and promoting healing.

Another goal of nonsurgical spinal decompression is to achieve negative pressure between the disks to help reposition slipped, bulging or misplaced disks and disk material. Patients can undergo spinal decompression while being fully clothed, as a physician can put the harness over clothing around the pelvic region.

After the harness is in place, the patient can lie on the table face up or down. The doctor will use a computer to perform the treatment and will customize the therapy to fit the patient’s unique needs. The doctor will also determine how many treatment sessions are necessary.

A complete program targeting the function of the stabilization ligaments, tendons, and muscles is a vital part of Spinal Decompression. Exercise and adjunctive therapies such as muscle stimulation, ultrasound, and cold therapy can assist in the rehabilitation of these structures. Our goal is to not only help heal the disc but to also enhance muscular control and support of the back and neck.

Regular home exercise and periodic visits to our office will help in maintaining your spinal health and reduce the probability of reoccurrence. Clinical results of this procedure have been effective in over 75% of the patients treated and most patients find long-term relief or effective management of their pain when they complete the entire program of treatments utilizing Spinal Decompression.

Spinal Decompression packages start at $450.

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Spinal Decompression: Giving patients hope!

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